On November 15, 2019, TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. (HQ: 1083 Tsuneishi, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan; President: Kenji Kawano) constructed and delivered the 500th ship of its long-selling environmentally-friendly bulk carrier of TESS series at its shipbuilding site, TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU), Inc. (Location: Balamban, Cebu, Philippines; President & CEO: Akihiko Mishima).

As indicated by its name “TESS (Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship)”, the TESS series features fuel consumption performance with excellent economy, and high versatility that is easy to use. TESS, our representative brand, has been a favorite with customers since the first ship was completed in 1984.

While Handymax bulk carriers used to have a deadweight of 36,000 tons, TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING was the first in the shipbuilding industry to introduce the 40,000-ton TESS40 to the market, which have been highly evaluated by ship owners, especially the ones in Europe. This made our market expand. The custom-made shipbuilding used to be common in the shipbuilding industry. TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING developed a standard ship model based on market research, and is able to propose solutions to customers.

Variations, such as TESS45, TESS52, and TESS58 were gradually added. The 300th ship was completed in January 2012. TESS64 AEROLINE (a 64,000-ton type bulk carrier) is the 500th ship and has a distinctive rounded streamline-shaped bow, with wind pressure resistance reduced by 10% compared to conventional models. It is also equipped with FAIS*, which improves engine combustion efficiency, and an electronically-controlled engine, both of which improve fuel efficiency by approximately 20% compared to the TESS58.

We at TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING will continue to build ships that will be favored by ship owners and support marine transportation in the world.

*Fresh Air Intake System, or FAIS, is an air supply system using an air duct to directly intake fresh air from outside the ship to enhance engine combustion efficiency. Compared to conventional systems, this can lower the temperature of the air supplied to the engine by approximately 10 degrees Celsius.

■ Outline of TESS64 AEROLINE, 500th completed ship
Vessel Name: SARITA
Delivery Date: November 15, 2019
Owner: Ugland Shipping AS
Ship Type: 63,700 MT-type bulk carrier (TESS64 AEROLINE)
Length: Under 200 meters
Breadth: 32.26 meters
Depth: 18.60 meters
Gross Tonnage: Approximately 36,000 tons
Main Engine: MAN-B&W 6S50ME-B9.5
Service Speed: Approximately 13.8 knots