The order of two freight ship (ro-ro) new buildings planned for the second half of 2016 has now been finalised.

The order is part of DFDS’ ongoing fleet renewal to accommodate the growth of our freight customers, increase operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.

The two ships will be built by Jinling Shipyard in China for delivery in the beginning of 2019. DFDS has options for four additional ships.

The new ships are designed to each carry 6,700 lane metres of freight equivalent to around 450 trailers. The larger size of the new ships will significantly decrease unit costs as well as the environmental impact per transported unit.

Both new buildings are planned to be deployed in DFDS’ route network on the North Sea.

The ships represent a new generation of environmentally friendly ro-ro ships as they comply with the latest environmental rules of the new IMO-standard EEDI (Energy Efficency Design Index). Also included are scrubbers for the removal of sulphur, ballast water treatment systems and a number of energy efficiency initiatives.

The investment in the two new ships totals around DKK 1.0bn to be paid during the period from ordering to delivery in the beginning of 2019. More than half of the payment is incurred on delivery.

DFDS’ total investments are still expected to amount to around DKK 1.0bn in 2016.